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Pulse Keyset Group Buy Returns!

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I got one - join the crowd - over 1300 sets so far.


Wasn't aware that this thread existed, feel free to post any questions here and I'll answer promptly.

Close to 1000 base sets were already sold and we are heading for the final week of the group buy.

It's gonna take quite a while for the set to drop again, so I recommend to don't miss this opportunity!

Like many users from Geekhack requested, this time I am offering the Fix Kit which is a kit meant to complement and replace your current Row 3 shift keycaps, that were shipped on the original Group Buy.

By that time, Signature Plastics didn't have tooling to make Row 4 shift keycpas, but now they do and you can get them on Massdrop. They already tipped, by the way!

Today we have unlocked the cheapest prices for ISO and Planck.

More than 2,500 kits were already sold.

We are close from crossing the 1,000 Base Kits line and I'm still trying to get more discounts on the Novelties Kit. Many kits received a price drop last night as well, more notably the Zambloos Kit, which is close from receiving another price drop. The Fix Kit is also doing very well and perhaps I'll be able to get a price drop for it too. We are 3 days away from the end of the drop. If you have any questions, let me know.


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