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Blank PBT Keycaps for sale on massdrop. to buy or not?

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Hi, i have the CM storm with it stock cap's

anyone can tell me about these caps?

a Horde of Penguins:
looks like a good price to me, however massdrop always takes forever to reach your house.

They are good keycap, rather thick (although the spacebars are not that thick), no stem marks (contrary to Vortex), Cherry profile, lots of extra keys to accomodate nonstandard layouts (but no ISO).

MD's last drop was delayed for several weeks with no consistent explanation given and they're just relaunching it now, so I don't know if you can reliably trust the delivery date.

Shadovved also organized a huge GB for them (including dyesub variants) last January and he'll be having extra sets for sale later this month, so you can check his GB thread and see what's what. He'll probably have more color choices than MD, and at least he won't take forever to send your sets.

These keycaps are for sale on originativeco for just about the same price without the wait.

$35 for just the 60% keys though. MD is cheaper for the full Gateron set. Shadovved is a bit more expensive ($40 I guess) but you won't wait as much as with MD.


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