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SP-SA Carbon Round 2

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--- Quote from: zoomwalt on Tue, 30 May 2017, 21:00:29 ---So much for saving money this month.......

--- End quote ---

You'll be charged next month, so technically.....  :))

Drop looks great! Should have paid closer attention to the IC thread, but I'm curious about the Adaptive Alphas kit - as someone who much prefers uniform R3 SA to fully sculpted, this is an awesome option to have. But I don't see a corresponding kit for R3 modifiers; am I missing something?

There should be a mistake on massdrop   

Also, can someone explain me the ADAPTIVE ALPHA, seems to be a all-R3 flat alphas, with an extra R2 that i don't understand and there are no modifiers kit in R3.  What i missed?   

Great to see this drop! However, on the IC it said:

--- Quote ---When it will be made? - Soon. Sooner as you might think, thus you can keep the jokes about SPs leadtime for yourself.

--- End quote ---

Is March actually a sooner date than expected, or is there a chance that the ship date will be reviewed? I guess I was just hoping that MD had already reserved a production slot or something.

Interesting to see that the bone extension kit is cheaper than the normal extension kit.


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