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Anyone into comics? (The thread about anyone into comics.)

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My summer break is coming to and end, but that doesn't mean my summer reading has to!
This summer I spent catching up on my comic book backlog. For years I've been borrowing trade-backs from the library, but during Prime Day I saw the Fire HD 10 for $100 and thought it might be neat for a comic reader. Installed Perfect Viewer with automatic cropping and background colors and now I can't go back to paper.  :eek:
It even works great for reading magazine PDFs!

Currently reading:
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks volumes,
Nowhere Men,
Saga of the Swamp Thing,
Bone (rereading),
From Hell (rereading),
Scott Pilgrim,
Walking Dead,
Death Note (rereading),
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (in full color!),
Dragon Ball (in full color!),
and Dr. Slump.


I've been getting back into comics over just this summer. Reading a lot of old Aliens comics, Junji Ito's Gyo and Izumaki, Locke and Key, Godzilla, and a few Harrow County volumes. Mostly I like horror and things that go bump in the night.

I tried getting into the Dark Knight Metal series, and even bought two of the existing volumes, but the writing is so bad I couldn't take it seriously.

Mostly reading stuff that I find on sale on Comixology.

Recent Reads:
the Scorpion
the 6th Gun
Black Panther
Darth Vader
Luther Strode (both series)

Also a smattering of older comics.

I like the more indie and weirdo end of the medium generally, the Fantagraphics, D&Q, kind of stuff. And Moebius. And small press stuff. And old 2000AD. Weird manga...

That said, I have the recent AKIRA boxset to get through at some point. I only ever read the first two volumes before so am looking forward to that. I actually was considering getting a nice tablet specifically to read AKIRA and comics in general, but couldn't resist the hardcover boxset. I'm not gonna buy any more books til I clear my backlog now. Probably. Maybe.

Marvel fan, surprise...  Mostly preferred the X-Men stuff, but there's just way too many variations.  Was too much work trying to keep up and ruined the enjoyment of reading comics for me.  Haven't really read any issues in about 3 years, just synopsis of the big events.


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