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[GB] GMK Astral Light

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Continuing my request from iC thread, I don't see any renders with novelties, extensions, spacebars or deskmats. Can you please add them


Are you going to provide more renders? This is the first GB I have seen that only has a render of base kit (only 4 renders) and no signs of other 3 kits. Very lazy for a seasoned designer. No other keyset has this much insufficient renders

I'm more concerned with the kitting. As a Mac user with 7u spacebar, I need to buy an expensive extension kit. On top of that it may not hit the MOQ. In which case I will stuck with a base set I can't use.

Iím intrigued by this set, I wouldnít normally say yes and yet I canít look away.

Iíd like to provide the normal person perspective that 4 renders isnít lazy.


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