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GB Date November 16th – December 17th
Expected delivery date is early Q1 2023.

Join the my discord for all Relegendables+ updates.
Input Theory Discord Server - Includes updates for this project and all other projects I am working on
We may be doing a giveaway via the below instagram account. Be sure to keep up to date.
Instagram – Stew.Klack

Front printed kits – CR base and U9 base.
These include front printed kits in the two colourways, to suit WOB and to suit Beige Mods. The legends chosen will cover the top row of a TKL/full size as well as the nav cluster. While we agree the row height would be better if it matched the rows of the nav cluster, GMK unfortunately only makes these caps in R1.


Blanks kits – CR, WS1, U9, L9 and N9.
These kits will cover a range of common colourways used frequently on GMK sets. If you are unsure if these kits will match your set, please ask in the comments or with your local vendor. The short version, is it will cover you for most things WOB or BOW related, sets with white alphas (that aren’t WS2), all the classic beige variants and anything with Dolch coloured mods. Recent sets that some of these will work with (blanks kits) include the Desert base of Botanical R2, Monochrome mods, Minimal, Serika Accents (to be confirmed), Sixes, Modern Desko, Patisserie, Stealth, Thinkcaps, Beta, Dolch R5 etc. You get the idea. They’re useful for many, many kits.   
The survey during IC was divided. So now you can buy them in lots of 10, or in lots of 20. Kits of 20 work out more economical, but for those wanting alternating beige especially, you can buy them in 10s. If you want to save money, buy the lots of 20 instead and split them with a friend.

Yes, it's 2 pieces. A brass PVD silver top, with a black ano base. Was very happy to work with HIBI on this one, the first 2 piece cap they've done. Not to be missed.

Board Renders

Pricing will be updated as each vendor adds prices.

OCE - Switchkeys
US - Space
EU - CandyKeys
CA - Ashkeebs
KR - SWAG Keys
CN - KBDFans
SEA - iLumkb
PH – Zion Studios
UK - Prototypist

A big thankyou to everyone who provided feedback during the IC.
Big thanks to Nathanalphaman, Avocadough, Stef, Caz, Ragan at Space, Oggi, Nathandesigns and all the other vendors and people who helped bring this together.

Let's go! Finally reasonably priced relegendables

About time someone ran a relegendables gb, loaded up on these. Thanks again for running this and GLWGB!

Bought 20 piece black, white and dolch so far. Just deciding what beige I want to go with and will most likely order towards the end of the GB.

Thanks for doing these!

very nice :cool:


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