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[GB] Keykobo Miami Dawn

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Love this. If you ever make another set in the future, and want a metal artisan keycap collaboration. Please do get in touch as we offer amazing quality & amazing prices.

Discord: Luke!#8865

Fun little pic for everyone while we wait

Production is underway  :thumb:


--- Quote from: nostyle_au on Mon, 03 July 2023, 19:47:22 ---Fun little pic for everyone while we wait
Production is underway  :thumb:

--- End quote ---


Great to see some pictures, thanks, nostyle <3

Production pretty much wrapped up, organising shipping now. Shouldn't be too much longer, I've asked Keykobo to send me a set directly so I can get some photos of the final product for you all while we wait for sea freight.

I've received delivery of my personal set for review and first off it looks awesome. The keys are perfect and it's exactly how I imagined. A full review with in depth photos will come soon and I'm excited to share more of it.

Unfortunately, during inspection I did find one minor production error. The 2 1u blank keys meant as Super alternatives have been produced as convex rather than concave. This is due to me not clearly specifying this to Keykobo and I should not have made the assumption that this would be manufactured concave when primarily blanks are used as space keys.

Keykobo has graciously offered to produce replacements for these two keys at an expedited pace. This will result in a slight delay of approximately one week for manufacturing, however means you will get all the keys as intended.

Once again I'd like to specify this was an issue of communication on my part. I'd like to apologise for the delays to my customers, and the inconvenience to my vendors and Keykobo.


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