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[GB] Keykobo Miami Dawn

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I'm down, thanks mr nostyle

Good kitting, good design, good price. Hard to say no to grabbing a second base kit - I am just not sure that I am cool enough.

Day 1 sales are looking reasonable, still waiting on a few vendors to report numbers before we can provide an update on progress!

glwgb  :cool: hope numbers are looking good

Unfortunately due to low sales in the first weekend myself and vendors came to the unanimous decision to stop offering the Hibi, we felt it'd be better to end it early than have more customers waiting on refunds for a product that won't reach MOQ. Sorry to say, but I don't think the target audience for this set had much crossover with the target audience for a metal artisan unfortunately.

In more positive news, ZFrontier has come on board last minute to offer a Chinese vendor! If you know anyone who was after the set in China now's a great opportunity to pick it up

Still waiting on one vendor to report early sales, however once that's done there'll be an update on that.


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