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Cherry vintage beige/white 101 us ansi Kit

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Is it possible to ask for double shot thickness key caps without letters? Just curious.

Moogle Stiltzkin:
What does that mean ?

You mean as thick as cherry keys ? I doubt they can. It's gonna be as thin as White Rice's and 7bits sets. It's already been asked before :{

But honestly it's not going to matter. Cherry thickness is nice but the SP ones are just fine.

I'm in for one beige/white set!


--- Quote from: Moogle Stiltzkin;286620 ---I can understand the command key if your a mac user.

But blanks ? In case you think the control and alt fonts aren't so matching as you had thought ?

I think we can consider adding the commands into the set, but the blanks maybe add a poll later ?
--- End quote ---

Ah no, it has nothing to do with font.

The 1.25 blank would be to replace the Menu key, which has no function at all on a Mac.  I currently have a blank there on my Filco as I found the printed one distracting.

The volume keys I have mapped to Print/Scroll/Pause, and currently use Filco blanks (again, I found the printed ones distracting).

I can live with a menu key if I have to, it's not the end of the world - but I'd be surprised (well, maybe) if adding a single blank modifier to each kit added vastly to the price.  Adding three single-width blanks to each kit, or ones labelled for volume, is probably something fairly specific, so I could understand missing that out.  We Mac users seem to be in a minority here...

I wonder if it would be possible to include (or add as an option) a small number of 1.25 blanks and single blanks, for general purpose user-end customisation?

Don't you mean beige and ivory?

Anyway, I think I'm in for two sets of them, and maybe two of the black as well :-)


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