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Interest Check for Cherry Corp Red esc, cherry logo esc, transformers etc

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Hi, I'm quite new to this forum and this would be my first time organizing a group buy here. Pretty much been keeping a low profile and mainly talking to KL actually.

Anyway, I noticed a lot of you guys are interested in transformers keycaps etc etc and some of you have even bought them from Ebay already. At a price that i think is kinda expensive. No offense to whomever the seller is.

I should be able to obtain, actually, I'm very sure i'll be able to obtain these caps and at a better price than what's offered on Ebay. Seems really expensive.But I'm not sure  exactly sure what's the interest for these caps in Geekhack at the moment.

Some of the stuff available is White on White Engraved Decepticon PBT Esc keys, other colours are available too, the cherry ones in the title and some other stuff including PBT sets etc. I'll post pics soon. Busy with work.

So yeah, KL suggested I do an interest check. You guys let me know and if anyone can provide advice or help me along with this, i'll appreciate it. Thanks.


I may be interested, pics would help ALOT

Yes, pics would be great. I may be interested as well.

Maybe, show me what you got.

I'm interested, post pica if you can, but i have see the transformer keycaps on ebay, and the amazing batman keycap for example.


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