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[GROUP BUY #2] what about a Noppoo Choc Mini? targeting 89.99 usd + 10$ shipping

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hi all

after the last PLU ML-87 Group buy, i learned a lot both on keyboards and on shipping method.

Last time the shipping time was really killing every one, therefore I found a better oversea carrier.

They promised me 14-30 days to USA and based on reliability, I can vouch that after the 30iest day if the package has not arrive to USA , then I will refund you guys your money if you wish, but please let me know up front. This is also the reason why the shipping went up 2 dollars more, counting on you guys to help paying for that more expensive carrier.

prices are:

mx blue:89.99
mx black: 84.99
mx brown: 93.99
shipping is 10 dollars additional to CONUS

targeting quantity will be 50 (not only from gh, so no worries)

Here are the specs:(from ebay)

Full keyboard conflict-free support under the USB port. The best choice for gamers.
POM laser engraving Cap, both comfortable and durable.
QWEASD position humane multimedia functions to reduce hand movement.
WIN shielding. Reduce misuse.
A key switch Ctrl, Cap function to facilitate the part of the software users.
Narrow frame design. Equidistant sides 6 mm, visual more beautiful.
Key steps, gradually short keycap design. Ergonomic layout, lower keyboard height, get rid of the keyboard palm rest.
Cap LED light. Cap features at a glance.
Digital Zone features. NUM number of areas open after normal use.
84 keys 65% of the width of the normal keyboard design. Overall the keyboard is less than 32 cm wide, easy to carry, allow more space for the mouse and mouse pad.

let me know your interest and I can decide on the purchase date, targeting with in 12 days!!!



With 14-30 day shipping, sounds like you are using EMS.  I was quoted $95 shipped via EMS for a Noppoo Choc Mini with Browns via one of the GH forum recommended agents (I think his name was 'Michael').  

IMO, unless prices/exchange rates have substantially changed, $89.99 + $10 shipping seems like a fair price for for an individual purchase, but doesn't seem like it would be worth the time/effort for a group purchase.

i thought ems was best shipping option? like a week wait time

Cool.  Hope you get lots of members sign up for this and yeah, that first one was a learning experience.

well, there are many differences of ems, last time I used by sea, and it was a pain in the ass for most geekhackers, it was more than 50 days...

tell him to quote you seperately on the keyboard and the shipping fee, and also make sure he clarify the type of EMS he used, not his estimated time.

I will be really surprise if he can get you a choc mini for 95 dollars within 14 days at your door ( assuming this is shipped from china)

or you are always welcome to participate in our group buy


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