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Interest check for raised legend 'ninja' style keycaps

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UPDATE 2: Quote from SP is $500 per legend to get JUST the molds made = $51,500 for 103 (space would not have a legend), $43,000 for 86, $18,500 for 37, so this is massively expensive. We would need a LOT of orders, at least 800 to justify this to get the per unit cost down to something reasonable. I think this will not happen. I asked if there was anything to bring the cost down, and the response was pad printing...

UPDATE 3: Since some of you expressed interest in pad printed ninja keys, I followed up. Prices as follows: 30 sets - $96.57 / set, If there is enough interest for more than 30 sets, obviously the price will decrease further. All sets must be the same color combination. Legends can be in the following colors: Black, Gray, Blue, White, Green, Red, and Yellow.

If you are interested in PAD PRINTED ninja keycap set please post. If you have already posted, please post again if you are interested in pad printed set. I will not count you if you do not expressly include "Yes pad printed" in your reply.

I would if it isn't too expensive.


--- Quote from: reaper~;369463 ---I would if it isn't too expensive.
--- End quote ---

Me too if they come in black :p


--- Quote from: reaper~;369463 ---I would if it isn't too expensive.
--- End quote ---

+1 but i like the ninja style quiet a lot and therefore my tolerance for the price might be pretty high... ;)

After several back and forths with Melissa making it clear what needs to be done, it sounds like a mold for every key with the raised legends will need to be made. Hopefully I'll have the quote soon and will update. If there is enough interest in black I see no reason why we couldn't get both or change from white to black. It all depends on who is interested in what, and if we can get enough sets to make it viable so they don't cost $90 a set.


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