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[7/2]Start sending bill, please offer your check if you sent billing account to me.

Sorry to open a new post, but I do have some important information have to address.

First, I hope all buyer could review their order base on the following and make necessary:

1. I have to pending ALL PLU pink and PBT 104 caps (filco is in stock).

Noppo mini RED and PLU87 RED arrived on time.  

If you still interest take those keyboard, I could run another run ,price would be the same.

2. Any other new custom keycaps should wait for another Run, or you PM me I can act as "taobao bee" to help you get that but please attach link. Because if I go to order those use my store name, I have to order by lots. Or might just put it into second Run.

3.Please offer your paypal email, either post or PM as you wish so I could start billing you. New order that I had in hands still can be added even after I billed you.(Deadline is July 5) If you waiting for engraved price, I would update before I bill you.

4. My eBay store just open, and independence store almost done. It would every helpful for further organization.    

5. Few item is not available, I would pm buyer to move it out, again, I can always work as "taobao bee" help you get it, but I won't respond for the quality issue, if there is any. I mean I would do my best to help you, but it still have chance to get wrong.

6. Since this is first time, I would provide better serves next Run :P Thank you for your understanding and support. You are always welcome to ask me if you need anything.

7. My pal pay use to bill is Double check the e-mail that you would not get wrong billing.

Ok, I pm'd you my paypal email.

pm sent

placebo guy:
PM sent.

pm sent.


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