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[Group Buy]Filco group buy, ship to worldwide, start biding

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Bid only.---- Question please go to my vendor forum

Add limited 87 black/white with Red Switches.  Add 87 Black with Blue switches.

Please bid base on this price, need 10 total keyboard to group up order, So order is per-order with per-payment.

If there are not 10 total keyboard orders, I still might get what you need depend on what you need. I can work it out or I would refund you money. If got more order, discount(5-10%) also would be  possible.

Shipping is 15-18 dollars to U.S, 17-20 to U.K, 30-35 dollar to EU(might work out other way to lower down depend on country), 25-30 to Canada. Other country PM me for detail.
Biding time start when after post and end at 7/14 6:00 PM CDT. Shipping might ship on 20 arrived to your door before end of the month. If biding fast, shipping could be earlier, I might ship one order out on 15 for those order earlier.

Bid should be posted here, biding Blue limited should pay right after bid to Others could wait for my invoice. Please PM me your paypal so I can bill you.

If what you want is not listed, go to my vendor forum(thanks iMav gave me one) to post what you need(no Red switches sorry guys and other item request also can go my forum to post, can be anythinp :), I might find it or not.

After biding keyboard, you have about 3-4 days to add other brand Accessory,which are not list below, with your order. If you only need accessories, wait my announcement to bid.(basically to see if there are 10 keyboards ordered, then it would open biding for only Accessory)    

Note:G-king is little confuse name that only used in China, I check on the Model number they are same as Majestouch----I don't why they have different name.

Majestouch blue limited vision with Brown switches 175----Only two left!

Majestouch2 87(corrected Black with Red Switches 225 dollars-----limited to 3-5 for this price. First come First get, request immediatly payment. (forgot to put 87 there)

1 Bid Taken. (7/10) Second bid took.(7/14)

Majestouch2 87(corrected) White with Red Switches 255 dollars----limited 3 for this price.  First come First get, request immediatly payment.  

1 Bid Taken(7/10)  second bid taken (7/10)Third took (7/14) All gone!

I know for those price is very hight, but that what I can get, there are limited vision.

Majestouch2 87 Group price    

White with Brown switches   $160.16
White with Black Switches     $160.16   
Pink with Brown switches   $166.02   
Black with Brown switches   $153.32   
Black with Black switches      $160.16
Black with Blue Switches  160 dollars ----limited 3-5 orders.

Majestouch 1--87 keys   

Black with Blue Switches   150

Gking 2

Black with brown switches   $161.13
Black with Black Switches      $161.13   

Majestouch 1--104 keys   
Black with Brown Switches   133
Black with Blue Switches   133
White with Brown Switches   133
White with Black Switches   133

G-king 1G
Black with blue switches   157

Number pad Black with Brown switches 69


Filco 104 key caps White printed                   39
Filco 104 key caps White non-printed             42
Filco 104 key caps Black non-printed              42
Wrist Rest long/short                                   51
Red filco+Blue WASD                                     8

interesting in a white with brown switches and white filco 104 key caps non-printed (otaku)

I want to order a Majestouch 2 Pink (87 with brown switches).

And 2x sets of Filco white 104 caps (NON Printed).

Just send me an invoice and I'll pay immediately.

Thanks qtan.

I would like the following:

1x 104 key blank black keycap set
1x Filco keycap puller
1x Filco blank red Esc key
1x Filco blank lavender WASD keys

I'll take one Filco 87 Red in black - FKBN87MR/EB2.

What is Kathrine? I'm guessing GKing is 104 and Kathrine is 87?


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