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Group Buy 4 - Interest check for a CAPSLOCK Vim KEY

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i didn't asked 7bit yet (but i'm sure he can read this :-) ) but as a everyday user of Vim i mapped my capslock key as an escape one for vim.
I have already the magnificent vim escape key spherical but a capslock will be very nice.

But how many are we to get one  ?

it'll be a standard one (non spherical unfortunately)

i'd rather get a stepped one as the vim logo will fit nicer on the upper side of the key, if not possible it'll be a left sided vim logo on a green key.
the color scheme will be the same : white on green  

i'll try to make a design but my gimp skills are not so good.


Gilgam 4



As I mentioned in the other thread, I'm definitely interested.

However, I have a question. Are you intending to just remap CAPS LOCK to ESC and effectively have two escape keys, or swap the ESC and CAPS LOCK keys? If it's the latter (which I think is a better idea) then presumably the kit would also have to include a CAPS LOCK labelled key to fit in the ESC position.

Personally I just forgo caps lock altogether, and have two escapes.  I'd be in for at least one vim caps lock if we can get enough interest to make it feasible.


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