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[Interest Check] IBM Industrial SSK Cases from Unicomp

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I've been chatting with Jim over at Unicomp lately and we've been discussing the SSK cases they used to have. Apparently the mold for them was broken or lost, and that is why they cannot get any more of them.

They do however have the means to make new molds IF we get enough money. He is going to be getting me some solid numbers soon on how much it costs and where we would be at per case price wise.

We will probably need at least 100 cases ordered to make this worthwhile so I wanna see how much interest there would be. The molds are expensive. I know this is hard now since there is no price, but if you wouldn't be willing to spend over a certain amount, post that info.

When Jim gets back to me on costs, I will update this and hopefully we can drum up enough interest.

Here is a picture of Webwit's real Industrial SSK for comparison:


--- Quote from: ripster;415073 ---Thanks but I have one of those.
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--- Quote from: ripster;415075 ---No really.  I do!
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Damn. That's what I get for wandering out of my subforum ghetto.
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Oh, i know...don't worry. I already told Jim that you agreed to send in your Industrial as the base for the mold.


--- Quote from: ripster;415078 ---Not to be a pill but why is Geekhack paying the 10K or whatever for Unicomp to get back into the IBM Mini business?

If this goes ahead I'd ask for exclusivity to the design.  Could be the Geekhack Branded Keyboard!
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They have no plans to ever make it again so if we don't convince them it's never gonna happen.

And the cost is maybe a few thousand, not $10k. He said it would be $20k+ to make a SSK keyboard.

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I would be in if it was reasonable, but I think you would need A LOT of people to make it, and I doubt there are even 100 ssk owners here at gh...


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