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Global/AS: KBDfans
US: Captus Keycaps
CA: Deskhero
EU: CandyKeys
UK: Proto[Typist]
OCE: Daily Clack
SK: MonstaGear
UKR/RUS: FunKeys
PH: Klikity Shop
JP: BaseKeys

Inspired by brutalism and socialist-modernist architecture, ePBT Brutalist features a muted color scheme reminiscing the shades of concrete. Alphas bring forth the pale blocks of Russian governmental structures built before the eventual fall of the regime, mods were given a darker tone of grey, and the base color for the accents is the equivalent of watery asphalt. Also, its two novelty sets feature characteristics and iconography from the extended world of béton brut.

Additional information: Even though the set's name and main theme focuses on brutalism as an architectural theme and aesthetic practice, part of the novelty designs and the inspiration listed below draws from a broader range of architectural references, from names like Mies Van der Rohe, Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier. We strive to capture the essence of a minimalistic, bare-bones, concrete based ethos.

Great insight on brutalism:


More PANTONE  P 173-3 C: Alphas base color, mods and accents legend color.
GMK 2B: Mods base color, Cyrillic sublegend color.
PANTONE  P 170-16 C: Accents base color, alphas legend.
Please note that the exact Pantone colors are subject to minor changes during the upcoming group buy process once presented to ePBT
ePBT confirmed that all the above colors can be used.

More Why two tabs? So that when bought together, you can have two full kits with the base kit and an extra alt alphas kit.

More Isometria by Ebastler

Pillow65 by Keliumworks

U-80a by Rama Works

Megalopolis 900x400

Le Corbusier 900x400

Captus Keycaps




Brutalist Aluminium Screw Tray
Material: Aluminum
Coating: Bead blasted

Landcaps Artisanals Raffle starting Dec 02!

Sticker by Tsuki Omamori

1 December 2021 – 1 January 2022
Estimated Fulfillment: Q4 2022

Special thanks to:
David from CandyKeys, Cylent, DrRatsby, nvh2092, konstantin, acitrin and many others! I'm sorry if I've accidentally left you out from this list!


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Approved :thumb:

I like your design much, but for some reason i will not participate in any group buys currently. Hopeing for some extras to get if they arrive at the distributors. Thanks for your work!

Reddit link

Click here for LandCaps raffle (Only available for 1 day)!


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