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I tried searching Ducky Shine 2 and got this error:

Each word must be at least two characters long.

In fact is search working?

I tried "Ducky Shine" and latest post is April 2012.

Search is working, but by default it shows results in order of 'relevance'. You could try advanced search instead, which lets you change to showing most recent hits first.

I think date order probably makes most sense for GH...

Also there will be references to Ducky Shining that your particular search will miss.

Every refresh now and then Moderate gets in the link bar at top (between search and profile).

Obviously clicking on it gets me an error as I don't have any moderation power.

But still, why do I see it sometimes.

And it seems like it's totally random. I refresh the same page 4 time in a row without the moderation link, and the fifth time it is on the page.


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