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Title: Loving the Drop Alt
Post by: jcoffin1981 on Sun, 06 June 2021, 03:45:06
Just received my Drop Alt which I finally pulled the trigger on (it sat at the post office for more than a week- there are no workers- everyone is at home collecting unemployment and it's only open a few hours a week).  I found it on Ebay brand new for only $140, which is a lot better than the $200+ it is retailing for. 

The main reason I purchased this is for the zero tilt case.  The magnetic feet are VERY sturdy if you choose to use them and can put the case in a slight incline or a decline.  There is RGB going around the base.

I'm really liking the switches- It came with Hakko Clears.  They are rated at 63gf I believe, but they feel heavier.  They are pretty tactile, but they seem to actuate just a little later in the press than Kailh Box switches.  The only thing I dislike about them is that they ping like crazy, every one.  I'm gonna lighten the springs by 5-10 grams and I will lube them at the same time.   

I am liking the keycaps too.  They are shine though PBT.  There are lines on the inside of the keycaps which are visible through the legends which kind of annoys me.  The keycaps are the grittiest texture I have ever felt, almost too much- they are growing on me. 
What is odd is that the left and right sides of the cap are thicker than north and south sides.  Left and right measures 1.33mm and north and south measures 1.01mm. 

I haven't flashed the firmware yet to change the layout, but I'm not in a rush to do so.  I'd like to move the Fn and arrows if possible. 

I have read a lot of reviews stating that the stabilizers are garbage, but there is virtually no rattle at all. I'm not sure if the heavier switch weight  keeps the keys from rattling, or if Drop is finally using better stabs. 

I was kind of planning to overhaul the entire board when I received it- stabilizers, switches and keycaps;  but I'm liking it just the way it is.  I may adopt this as my daily driver.

Title: Re: Loving the Drop Alt
Post by: Suds on Sun, 06 June 2021, 17:07:32
I was looking at the Drop boards when I was search for a new keyboard a little while ago. Was really surprised by how much they drop in price once they get to Ebay, that was a good move on your part. I guess it's just oversupply.* Maybe that means that we'll be able to get GMMK Pros for cheap in a few years.

* And maybe trendiness. Low profile boards are out of fashion right now, bellbottoms are the new hotness.
Title: Re: Loving the Drop Alt
Post by: CarnageHimura on Mon, 07 June 2021, 13:13:26
I love mine too, I got the High Profile one, with Kailh silver, at this time Im waiting for new switches, gateron yellow ink v2 to make the overhaul, I got some Everglide panda stabs time ago, but i wanted to do all the changes in one session.

I really like te keycaps too, don't have intention to replace they, maybe the Akko laser clones in DSA profile, I really don't want to pay more than $100 for keycaps..