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Hello everyone!
The time has finally come, the GB for GMK Modern Dolch Light, a brighter variation of the popular GMK Modern Dolch! Jan and I have worked very hard to make this project as great as it can be and we are very excited to finally bring it to you.

As the name might suggest, Modern Dolch Light was born out of Modern Dolch. Janglad and I realised that a lightened up version of MoDo looked great and after some tweaking this is what we came up with. Modern Dolch light features cool greys on both the alphas and modifiers. It uses the grey from Modern Dolch modifiers for the legends, to give it that unique low contrast and calming look. To add some vibrancy we added a variation of the familiar cyan and red/pink accents found in the original Modern Dolch.
Now I know the naming might not make sense, this isn't a Dolch set after all. GMK Modern Dolch Light is a derivative of GMK Modern Dolch which is a derivative of OG Dolch. While this set is not necessarily a Dolch colorway, the name is there to show the origin of the design. One thing is for sure, this set will settle perfectly in every collection as an easy-on-the-eyes colorway that will go with any keyboard!

Buy it here
GMK Modern Dolch Light will be sold until the end of the month by these vendors. The set is expected to ship in Q4 of 2020.
Day one buyers will get a $5 discount as well as getting raffle spots for the artisans shown below Due to time-zone differences, some vendors having the change pricing manually, ... this 24h mark might not be exact.


* Dailyclack for Oceania
* Dixiemech for the US
* Mykeyboard for Europe
* iLumkb for Asia
Standard $94.99 on Day One $99.99

The standard kits has compatibility for the most popular layouts in the community. It features the reworked icon mods introduced with GMK 8008/9009 and has accent option for both escape and enter keys.
Addition $29.99

Addition adds keys for a OSX focused bottom row, 60%s with  arrows through the 2u shift, 660 layouts with the extra 2.25u shift, full ISO UK support and some options for different legends in the 65% and caps lock area.
Numbers $34.99

Numbers adds compatibility for layouts with a numbed. It also includes the keys needed to outfit a 1800 style layout.
Obscure $39.99

Obscure adds support for a wide variety of 40% keyboards,  including ortholinear ones. Included are the necessary modifiers and spacebars. This kit also includes a second b key and the needed spacebars for split/ergonomic keyboards like the TGR Alice.
Aesthetic $29.99

Aesthetic is for those of you who like to add a little bit of colour to your boards, either through extra accents or through LEDs under lock keys. It also adds both centred and offset 6u spacebar support.
Alternate $19.99

Alternate “alternates” the existing colours on some keys. This kit is great if you enjoy monochrome accents or a more uniform looking f row.
Command $19.99

Command is specifically aimed at Mac users by adding correct text legends for Command and Option keys.
Modern $39.99

The Modern kit adds support for a full icon bottom row, it also includes escape icons with accents, R3 1.75u OS and Control keys for HHKB layouts and a simplified tab icon.
Norde $54.99

This kit adds compatibility for ISO NO, SE, FL, DK, DE layouts.


Sculpts: Warbl, Dope King, Qoala, Daphy

All orders on Day One from any vendor will be eligible for this sale. Basically if you get your order in during the promo Day One base kit price, you are eligible. Join GMK Modern Dolch Light at

Form will open tomorrow at 12 PM Eastern Time and be open until Wednesday at 12PM Eastern Time. The link to the raffle form will be in the bio link at


All cables are coiled.

Light Grey w/ Grey Techflex
Light Grey w/ Carbon Techflex
Grey w/ Grey Techflex

3 ft

As always we'll be providing some cool deskmats to help you give your whole setup that Modern feel. Besides the 2 fan favourites from previous GBs we're also introducing a PAC design, based on the computer that started it all!



RAMA caps
Another fan favourite from a previous Modern Dolch variation making a comeback! These RAMA caps are inspired by the Dolch logo and are machined out of solid pieces of aluminium. These are sure to make your board look even better and to add that THOCC to your escape key!



Render gallery
Bauer By Dixiemech


Chimera by Cannonkeys


910 RE by TGR


HBCP by Hineybush


J-02 by Jae


M60 by RAMA


U80 by RAMA


Polaris by Ai03


XRF by Noxary


Kendo by Project Keyboard


No. 1/60 by Keycult


Dharma by Janglad and Ye_Cole


Fjell by Mekanisk


Klippe by Mekanisk


KBD8X MKII by Ai03 and KBDfans


KBD67v2 MKII by Ai03 and KBDfans


Scofield by Dixiemech


Iron165 by Smith + Rune


Jane V2 CE by TGR


Special thanks to

* 159, Ai03, Jae, Hiney, Upas, TaehaTypes and Xondat for helping us promote this set!
If you want to support this set, feel free to add this signature to your profile. You can do this via Profile -> Modify Profile -> Forum Profile -> Signature!

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Let's go!  :)

Looks neat.

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What a nice surprise with those collaborations! I'm in!


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