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[GB] GMK Modern Dolch Light

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--- Quote from: rondg on Sun, 19 September 2021, 03:14:44 ---
--- Quote from: shansoft on Sun, 19 September 2021, 00:32:14 ---
--- Quote from: rondg on Sat, 18 September 2021, 22:14:46 ---Am I the only one who is seeing the crooked keycaps? 7, 8, U, I, ; and '

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For some reason, my D and F is really close to each other... Same as most of the photo people posted.

First time I saw this was with GMK hennessey where U, I is close to each other and some other keys.
I have not yet seen this in my other sets before.

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Yeah I didn't notice it until you pointed it out.
Is this within the acceptable quality expectations?

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Based on overwhelming complain to Drops for GMK Hennessey, they deem it as acceptable problem.

GMK quality been dropping from warp space bar to uneven stem these days... It's quite disappointing....

I am only here to comment on some things I am seeing wrong with methodology and nothing to do with the keycaps.

Color temperature equivalents is not light source equivalents, especially in regards to spectral power distribution. Comparing an LED source to a tungsten source to a fluorescent source all at the same average color temperature can make things all look very different. While those images do show a range of color temperatures, they are so poorly exposed that any meaningful conclusions would be quite hard to come by when the data itself is flawed. The second set of images do more closely match the render, and can support the theory that the lighting conditions used in the render could have been too bright.

I think people need to keep in mind that renders are always a visualization of how a set can look under various conditions, and are never really absolutely indicative of the final product.

My base kit came with a horrendously warped 7U spacebar, making the set impossible to use on the keyboard I bought to pair it with (Mr.Suit).
What can I do? hot water and hairdryer didn't help.
Thanks for your input

Anyone got an obscure kit?

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