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[GB] Pizza Keyboards Pizza65 | Minimal Top-Mount 65%, [R2 soon!]

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It’s happening

Pizza65 and PizzaPCB Group Buy is here!
Response has been massive and we really want to thank you all for the support showed.
Group Buy will be hosted on our own platform starting from Monday 26 at 18:00 GMT and will end the 26 November. All the infos are on the website,

Here is a summary

About the case:

Seamless, minimalistic design
Top Mount, made of high quality and precisely machined anodized aluminum
7 degrees angle
Plate options

* 1,5mm aluminum plate (ANSI only)
* 1,5mm shiny brass plate (ANSI and ISO) Supports for double backspace and stepped capslock
Supports most of 65% PCBs

About the PCB:

* HASL-Lead free finish in matte black
* ESD Protection
* Overcurrent and Overvoltage protection
* Powerful STM32 F0 Microcontroller
* QMK and VIA compatibility
* Custom front silkscreen

Available colours:

* Graphite Black
* Gentiana Blue
* Pearl Ruby Red

All kits comes with a plate, rubberpads, stickers. Brass is available in both ISO and ANSI layouts

Pizza65 Aluminum Kit is 209.99 €
Pizza65 Brass Kit is 244.99 €
Pizza65 + PizzaPCB Aluminum kit is 249.99 €
Pizza65 + PizzaPCB Brass Kit is 284.99 €
PizzaPCB also comes standalone at 49.99 €

Nice, good luck!

Nice one! Good luck guys!


--- Quote from: Ponizu on Wed, 28 October 2020, 08:07:59 ---Nice one! Good luck guys!

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--- Quote from: fedemito on Wed, 28 October 2020, 06:39:14 ---Nice, good luck!

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Thank you!  ;D

In for the blue.


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