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About Leaf 65%

Leaf 65% is the third member of the Leaf series after Leaf 80 (2018) and Leaf 60 (2018).

New features:

* Top, middle, and bottom cases in different colors
* No visible screws
* PORON sandwich mount
* PORON mute plate (optional for using between the PCB and the plate)
* Skeleton plate
* New custom rubber feet
Group Buy Information

1. How to order

The link will be available starting from 04-09-2021 at 9 PM ET.

2. What does a kit include?

* Top case, middle frame, bottom case
* Switch mounting plate
* Main PCB and daughter PCB
* Bottom weight
* PORON stripes
* PORON mute plate (optional to use)
* Screws and rubber feet
3. Explanation of the options

* Colors: Case colors include Black Anodizing, Silver Anodizing, Dark Green Anodizing, Light Green Anodizing, Space Cadet Anodizing, Red Anodizing, E-White, E-Beige, Pink Powder Coating, and Matte Clear PC. The weight, plate, and the front Leaf logo can be upgraded to PVD brass in silver color. Most of the colors can be found in the first picture on this page.
* The front leaf logo is only available if you order the "with Front Logo" front case layout.
* The plate, weight, and front leaf logo (for "with Front Logo" versions) can only be in the same color/material in the base kit.
* The aluminum plates are all the skeleton version. The FR4 plates and PVD brass plates are all the regular version.
* There are two versions of PCBs. The hot-swappable version has a fixed layout (7u spacebar) and has pre-soldered switch LEDs. The solder version supports various layouts for MX and ALPS switches. Both versions will have VIA support.
* The default plate supports ANSI MX layout only. ISO is not supported on the default plate as many people (especially me) hate compatible Enter hole. The PCB does support ISO and I will share the plate files later.
* Typing angle: 6 degrees. Case front height: 21mm
* PCB layouts: see below
Hot swappable version PCB layout:

Solderable version PCB layout:

4. What's the price?

The base price is $415 including transaction fees but excluding shipping.
Sorry, It is more expensive than Leaf 60 and Leaf 80 because the the USD to CNY exchange rate keeps dropping in the past year and the the material cost keeps increasing in the past year. $415 this year is $366 excluding the transaction fees in the last year if we exchange USD to CNY, and we do need to pay the factory in CNY.

* Upgrading to PVD brass plate and weight: $99
* Extra PCB: $45
* Extra aluminum/FR4 plate: $25
5. Timeline and limits

The GB starts from 04-09-2021 at 9 PM ET.
It will open for 7 days unless the number of orders is getting too big. (edit: I'll be closing the GB early as the soft top limit has been reached -- Mon Apr 12 9:38 PM ET)
A soft top limit is 500 kits in total.
The expected lead time is expected to be 5 months.
This time we started a Chinese GB first. The manufacturing has been started for a while. For the international GB, we only need to add the new orders to the queue, so this GB should be smoother than before.

GB starts now!

I'm going to order the PC version, wondering what will be the color for FR4 regular plate?  brass plate should be golden, right?

Love it Senter! Finally glad to see the 65% leaf.

Is it really not possible to get more than 1 extra plate?

I am curious about trying the skeleton one, but would also like an FR4 one.


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