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[GB] TMOv2 R2 50% keyboard (GB sale ended - onto waiting)

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TMOv2 Round 2 - Launching June 21st!


Dark Gray


Translucent matte PC

Hi everyone!

It's finally time for TMOv2 Round 2, isn't it? It's just that - a Round 2. No new features, no new design. So people that already own R1 TMOv2s can also get some extras, ya dig?
Round 2 comes with a couple of new colours though! This round we'll be offering: Dark Gray, Eggplant, Coral for aluminium cases and stick with a translucent matte PC option as well!

We've added more PCB protection by adding a grounding pad as we heard some had issues with PCB shorting due to living in very specific environments (dry and statically charged). This, however, doesn't impact R1 & R2 compatibility so anyone needing an extra - you're more than welcome to join!

Group buy will be widely available as we'll be selling TMOv2s through these vendors:

* Cannon Keys - US
* mykeyboard.EU - Europe
* proto[Typist] - UK
* iLumkb - Asia
* Daily Clack - Oceania
Be sure to follow my Discord server as well - funderburker's house for more TMOv2 discussion, updates and just my next projects!
For vendor-specific updates, be sure to join their own Discord servers. Links can be found on their respective websites.


* 100% base kit compatible (*)
* QMK compatible USB-C PCB, designed by Upas
* Underglow RGB LEDs
* Top mount construction
* 7 degree typing angle
* Brass weight(*) - Most GMK and EPBT keyset base kits

Pricing, availability, GB launch times

P.S. Group buy will be limited with a pretty high "ceiling". It won't be a raffle but please check in with your chosen vendor to found out how they'll do it!

Layout & key mapping

TMOv2 is mostly 100% "base kit compatible" sub60% keyboard with regular stagger and correct profile keycaps on all 50 keys! Really, it just depends on what layout you go with and if you want to have correct keycap legends.
TMO is all about YOU making it your own. From keysets to artisans to keymapping. With QMK you're encouraged to make TMOv2 fit your typing style. Stock keymapping is only there to be a sane "default" and it's the one I've been using daily.

Included in the base kit

* Keyboard case (Aluminium top & bottom OR Polycarbonate top & bottom)
* Keyboard plate (Black Aluminium plate)
* Weight (Sandblasted brass)
* TMOv2 USB-C PCB, designed by Upas
* Plate and case screws
* 3M rubber bumpon feet
* Cannonkeys keyboard carrying case

You'll have the option to order:

* extra PCBs,
* plates (Black aluminium, matte polycarbonate, black FR-4, sandblasted brass),
* translucent matte PC bottoms
More renders


* Renders are for illustrative purposes only and final colours may differ.
* This product only includes the contents listed under the "Included in base kit" section. Keycaps, Switches, and Stabilizers are for demonstrative purposes only and are not included with this product.
Am grateful for everyone showing interest, their builds and those who message me wanting feedback on their board designs. It's motivating!

Thank you for helping:

* Upas - for being the business person for my projects and guiding me through everything!
* Oggi - for the beautiful renders! Link to his services!
* Vegs & RealLaugh - for being the best bros, still!
For more details about designs & differences between TMO50 & TMOv2, read more in the threads:

* TMO50 IC & TMO50 GB
* TMOv2 R1 IC & TMOv2 R1 GB

Reserved for updates

Nice colors

lets goooooo

Purple so good


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