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[GB] TMOv2 R2 50% keyboard (GB sale ended - onto waiting)

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GB sale window has been closed and we're gathering everything to move forward!

I've been a bit offline ever since launch but I wanted to say - I'm still here, have been checking in with vendors and I'll have some numbers to share about how GB sales went. Stuff like colourway split by colours etc.

I also want to say thank you to everyone that has purchased a TMOv2 R2 and/or purchased add-ons and extras for their R1 TMOv2s. The support means a lot and it's very cool to see people chatting it up in my Discord, helping each other out with some Q&A's and just being friendly, funny and chill.

Peace out and have a wonderful weeks! :thumb:

Hey guys!

It seems pretty dead here and I must apologize about that. Summer has been filled with various activities and responsibilities, as well I broke my pinky recently and will be wearing a cast until the end of August.

I plan on finally making those charts to show how the sale went and so. Please feel free to ask questions here and I'll reply to everyone in a timely manner, I promise.



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