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Google Form will go live on June 11, 2021 @ 9PM EST. Countdown Timer:

Please read the terms and conditions before you order

Order here:

Included in this set:

* Aluminium top housing (Aluminum 6061) in black and silver. We will offer gray and red as well, but read the terms and conditions before choosing
* Bottom housing (11 degree angle)
* MX Reinforcement Plate (stainless steel, aluminum or plastic)
* PCB presoldered (resistors, diodes, smd leds, etc, but not switches)
* Fixing bolts and rubber pads

* Limit 50 sets
* Case has an angle of 11 degrees for the aluminum bottom
* Full keymapping
* Macro settings
* Supports MX switches
* Full LED and RGB SMD LED compatible
* Switches and stabilizers are not included (Requires Cherry PCB mounted stabilizers)
More Information/Pictures:



* $250 USD for one kit (+$10 USD for aluminum plate)(top, base, PCB, plate and acrylic diffusers)
* $60 USD for an additional plate/PCB combo (+$10 USD for aluminum plate)

* Shipping will be from South Korea with EMS.
* Shipping cost will depend on your location.
* Each set weighs about 2.0 kg with packaging.
* Click here to check their shipping prices in Korean Won
Terms and Conditions:

* Deadline for order is Until 50 sets.
* Order ONLY if you can pay the invoice by the invoice deadline (June 20, 2021)
* There will be no extras for sale after this group buy is closed, so please put your order in before it's too late ;)
* I will send invoices through Paypal to everyone, so you need a verified PayPal account to receive and pay. Also please check the information carefully before submitting your order. There will be Paypal fees added to the price. See below for PayPal gift payments.
* I can only guarantee damages for 7 days from the day you receive the items.
* **I cannot guarantee the anodizing colour conditions if you choose the colours RED or GRAY. There may or may not be anodizing defect. By choosing RED or Gray, you agree to this condition and cannot ask for an exchange or a refund.
* This product is made to order and may take up to 6 months after order.
* Due to the nature of aluminium anodizing, there may be minor scratches on the housing, and this is not a reason for replacement.

Order Changes:

* Please DO NOT PM me for changes
* Email duckustomkeyboards[at]gmail[dot]com for order changes
* Include your Order Number in the subject line along with a description
* Include your Username, Address and Email to confirm your identity.

Check your order here (I update this manually):

Approved :thumb:

Just letting you know the post has conflicting information.

"Limit 50 sets"

"Deadline for order is Until 100 sets."


''Aluminium top housing in Winkey or Winkeyless (Aluminum 6061) in black and silver.''

Thanks for pointing my errors. Fixed!


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