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[GB] GMK Pharaoh : CLOSED : Final Numbers soon!

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SxM Designs:
Featuring doubleshot hieroglyphics sublegends
   GB Date : August 20th - September 21, 2021

Website | Discord | Instagram

The keycaps can be bought at the links below.(I will be adding links as the vendors go live)

EU        :         |         
NA        : Deskhero US           |                                                           
Norway    : Mekanisk (|           
Canada    :           |                                         
Asia      : Ilumkb                |                             
China     : KBDFans               |                   
Oceania   : DailyClack            |                                         
Korea     : Swagkeys              |                                         
S.America : Fancy Customs         |                           
                                           Estimated Shipping : Q3/Q4 2022


After a thorough excavation of the area around the Great pyramids of Giza, we decided on the following kits to represent this set.

I am pleased to announce the D60Lite collab with KBDFans, a gasket mounted affordable keyboard. I hope you guys like it!

KBDFans D60Lite X GMK Pharaoh LINK



Aaru TKL by Helix Lab.   
The Aaru pictures are not renders, they are photoshoped since we did not manage to get the models but we got permitted to photoshop the keycaps on them.


Kohaku65 by Singa kbd.   



Iron165 by Smith+Rune.   



Nemui by Bachoo.


Dalco 959 Mini by Hand Engineering.



U80-A by Rama Works.


Paragon by Artemis Design Studios.


Pheonix WK + Numpad by Cable Car Designs.

Keebstuff Kabelmanufaktur. Buy them at this link

Luxe Cables.Buy them at this link

If you want to support this project please add this signature and spread the word. Thanks  :thumb:To add a signature go to Profile -> Modify Profile -> Forum Profile -> Signature
Specials thanks to NoPunIn10Did, Pwad3 and LittleAad for all the kiting help! Also cant thank enough Dr. Ratsby and the entire 40s community for checking out the 40s kitting.

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Holy ****. I've never seen a set or D60-match that I've wanted to buy so fast. Absolutely beautiful.

This has to get keycap set of the year for those doubleshot hieroglyphics! The amount of amazing collabs this set is getting only cements how great this set is; definitely an instant buy.

Hmm  :rolleyes:. I suppose I'm gonna join this.

My neurotransmitters are glitching... ...from excitement.


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