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[GB] Go-Ace68 | Redesign a 68-key Gasket Mount Keyboard, production in progress

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Update on Sep 25

The production has started to ensure that the products can be shipped at the scheduled time, and we will keep you all updated on the progress.

Update on Sep 16

Exciting to announce that we are going to start the production within days.

We have already received some orders in the past two days and have started purchasing materials in order to be able to ship before November 30, with an estimated production start date of September 22.
Production progress will be continuously updated here.

Have a good day!

Launching on Sep 15, 2021

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Thanks to all of you who provided feedback and encouragement throughout the Interest Check. For those who have not notified the IC for Go-Ace68, it is a redesigned 68-key barebone that has the following features:

1. Aluminum 6063 case.
2. Double layer top case - The overall look presents more.
3. Gasket mount
4. QMK and VIA supported.
5. Solderable PCB with multiple split keys supported.
6. PCB screw-in stabilizers
7. Two plate options - aluminum and polycarbonate

Here are several prototypes.

Check more prototype photos here

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1. Aluminum 6063 case & 65% layout
2. Gasket mount, poron dampening pad between the plate and PCB
3. High profile design, double-layer top case, one upper layer case + one lower layer case
4. Typing angle: 6 degree
5. Aluminum decorative waistline
6. The embedded “HelloWorld” badge on the bottom case
7. Type-C port
8. PCB screw-in stabilizers.
9. Solderable PCB with multiple split keys

1. Split backspace
2. ISO enter
3. Split right shift
4. Split left shift
5. Split spacebar
6. Stepped caps lock
Notes: PCB is not backlighting supportive.
Sound test video

1. One set of a multi-layer top case (one upper layer case + one lower layer case)
2. One bottom case
3. One solderable PCB
4. One plate(aluminum or polycarbonate)
5. One poron dampening pad(between the PCB and plate)
6. 16 silicone stripes
7. A set of screws
Notice: No keycaps, switches, stabilizers, or cable is included in one set of the kit.

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Basic kit purchase options:
1. Basic kit with aluminum plate
2. Basic kit with polycarbonate plate
3. Case color options: E-white & E-black

(Paypal transaction fee included, shipping fee NOT included)

1. USD $249 for a basic kit (both aluminum and polycarbonate plate are the same price)
2. Extra add-on purchase options:
3. 1x solderable pcb - $40
4. 1x alu or polycarbonate plate - $25
5. Limited 1 basic kit per order.

$20 off if you join the GB before the time 23:59 on September 16, 2021 EST

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QUANTITY: Limited 50 sets (FCFS)

1. Starts on September 15, 2021 EST
2. Closes on October 14, 2021 EST
3. The estimated shipment starts on November 30, 2021 EST. The manufacturing progress will be updated here.

Paypal transfer is the primary payment that is available at the moment. A Paypal digital invoice will be sent to you via an email after we collect all the information required by the logistics for the shipment.

Cancellations are accepted up to 48 hours after the payment is received. The request will be gathered and submitted to deliver the best delivery time to members, making all sales final. Be sure to check the discussion page for updates : )

1. Shipping time: The estimated shipment starts on November 30, 2021 EST.
2. Shipping method: DHL or other direct express.
3. Shipping fee: $25-$40 based on different countries or regions.

Defective items need to be reported to us via email (proof included) within 10 days of receiving the item for free replacements.

Any questions, thoughts, or concerns about this event or us, please post them here or reach out to us directly at

Join the GB here

By entergogo



What material is the Hello World badge made of?

Also your shipping date seems very ambitious. Are the boards already produced?


--- Quote from: Nuap on Tue, 14 September 2021, 18:47:32 ---
What material is the Hello World badge made of?

Also your shipping date seems very ambitious. Are the boards already produced?

--- End quote ---
The material of "HELLOWORLD" badge is brass.
To be honest, the product has not been produced yet, but we did make some preparations and we will try to make the product at the agreed time.


--- Quote from: ZAND4 on Tue, 14 September 2021, 08:27:17 ---Awesome

--- End quote ---
Thank you, dude!


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