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Originative Rooftop Meet up in July!

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--- Quote from: sherryton on Sat, 15 April 2017, 22:45:44 ---
--- Quote from: reaper on Sat, 15 April 2017, 22:40:30 ---I'll go if only there are free beers!  :)

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only thai ice tea for you

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The Thai ice tea sold me.  I want in on this.

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It's a trap, he gonna kidnap you and sell you as slave

This sounds fun. I'm totally down whenever sign up sheet goes up.

I live in Riverside, which is ~1 hour away from LA. Could probably make this.

Really wish that I could make this. Sounds so fun.

Event is booked! Hopefully we can add Taco/Thai Tea Thursdays with some alcohol.


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