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Important Information Regarding Mechs & Co GMK Sets - Please Read

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--- Quote from: mgsickler on Mon, 16 October 2023, 10:59:28 ---Mechs and Co GMK sets are now open to the public for preorder - shooters 2

Art, Tako, and Infernal will be launching in stock on Wednesday.

--- End quote ---
My GMK Moonlight arrived early in March 2023. I was informed that it was mailed on February 28. It is difficult to watch this occur.  :-X

More bad news: looks like GMK is withdrawing from contracts with, a popular EU vendor.

Details from Oblotzky, who will be taking over the 76 (an absolutely nuts number) GMK group buys:
Details from GMK on Reddit:

Some days when my mind is idle I think to myself, I wonder where my GMK moonlight is at this moment. It would be one thing if it was never made, but it was, it just never shipped, so somewhere my moonlight is out there.

Maybe tonight as I look at the moon, my GMK moonlight somewhere looking at that exact same moon, does anyone else ever have these thoughts?


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