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First Geekhack Wrist Rest Interest Check  :))

To make this a successful Interest Check/Group Buy.

Below are Parts and Pieces to be taken into consideration.

Available in 104 Full Size and 87 TKL size.

Will consider making for 60% keyboards if demand is there.


Note: The "Geekhack" will be done by making a Brass Mould with the fonts to be stamped on the wrist rest upon completion.

Planning to use the below font,

As well as the Dimension of the word Geekhack?

[I need someone who is able to do out the chosen fonts on words or make it into any picture format to be submitted for mould making]

2. Material
    Material for the wrist rest will be synthetic leather.

    Genuine Leather is available for Black color only.

    Colors available [AFAIK]:
* Black
* Navy Blue
* White

3. Threading Colors

    To make the wrist rest stand out more , the threading on the sides of the wrist rest must be of a contrasting color.

     Eg. Navy Blue Leather with White Thread etc.


     Orange , Red , Blue , White , Black

4. Combination of color of wrist rest plus threading

    To finalise the few models that we will have.

    We need to list down the best combination to make the wrist rest.


5. Positioning of the Logo

     BOTTOM RIGHT HAND CORNER (similar to Ducky and Filco)

6. Base of the Wrist Rest

    Base will be a hard anti slip rubber like textile to prevent the use of 4 rubber feets at each end to increase the height of the wrist rest.



Some images of how it may look like at the end.


Dimension of Wrist Rest:

TKL - 37x10x1.8 (cm)

Full Size - 45x10x1.8 (cm)


Price Guide [NO MOQ, PRICE FIXED] :

Synthetic Leather

* TKL - USD 18 
* Full Size - USD 21

Genuine Leather

Black color only.

* TKL - USD 35
* Full Size - USD 38

Mould Cost (Shared Among All Buyers) :
15 USD [To be Finalised]

Shipping Cost:
Unknown , base on the number of orders


Interested Parties

Reaper  - White Base, Red Stitching
Permeability - Full size
Redndwhite - Black , Red Stitching  + White, Orange stitching
Halverson - White , Orange Sttiching
imadeanaccounttoseepics- Black , Black Stitching
Elton5354- 60%
Alessandro - 60% Black, White Stitching
TDub - Full Size, TKL , 2x60%
NikoGasm - TKL Black  , Black Stitch
Jeroplane - TKL  Black , Orange Stich  or Navy + white stitch.
Eon - TKL , Black with White Stitch
DanGWanG - TKL , Black with Red Stitch
Elrick - TKL ,Full Size, Black with Orange Stitch
Intense - Full Size, Black with White Stitch
Peachesenregalia - TKL , Black with Black Stitch
Myv - Full Size, Black with Red Stitch
OrangeJewce - Full , TKL , Black with Orange Stitch
Samwisekoi - Full size , Black with red/orange stitch
TDub - White , Blue Stitch
Sifo - TKL, White , Blue Stitch
Boost - TKL , Black with Red Stitch

Interested in a white one with red stiching, TKL size.  Position of the logo should be front right like Ducky below (I believe Filco's logo is in the same location).

Interested in a wrist rest for 104 keyboards  :))

I'm interested in two, a 104 and a tenless.

Black with red stitching and white with a baby blue or orange would look cool


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