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It's been alluded to many times so here's in IC to get a better idea of what you guys want. It should start sometime after the poker plate group buy but hopefully not before the final designs of the GH60 are done since I'd like to run those plates at the same time.

Anyways fill out the form please ^____^
Fancy IC form


Why is poker on there again? Aren't you running that plate right now? I'm only interested in a plate for Pure. And I'm currently still getting hole dimensions for all TKL plates. Just submitted my form.

Well, the Phantom Plates we can get ourselves, as well as the Poker plate if you post the DWG. The GH60's designs we can all get from the GB (eventually) or ourselves as Komar said that the GH60 is open to the community. So, it seems logical that the only plates left are the Mini and Tenkeyless. The ISO and ANSI 125 and 150 would need new PCB's to be used, yes? Thus, I don't think we need those, at the current moment. Just my thoughts though, do as you wish Beast!

Also, one last thing...Can we see the results too?

I finish on pure plate :) and mix pure and poker plate T_T
I can do on race T_T and can't on choc mini :|


pure + poker

I filled out the form. I know stainless is just as cheap as the aluminum, but in reality I would much prefer aluminum sanded to thickness and hard anodized, like the Phantom plates were. I know sanding stainless is a big PITA for your guy, so that's why I think aluminum would be better.


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