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Tokyo Meetup, January 29th 2017

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Tokyo Mechanical Keyboard Meetup is back! Join us at FabCafe MTRL on January 29th for some talks and hands on demos about mechanical keyboards and people and companies behind them!

We're also doing dye-sub keycaps, please help us decide which design to choose

Location and RSVP

Location: FabCafe MTRL in Shibuya (follow the event page link below for the map and time)

Please RSVP at FabCafe’s website:

If you want to get more updates you can also sign up at:

* Facebook


* TGR Jane Tokyo meetup edition unveiling and discussion
* Hands-on demo with artisan keycap making
* 3D-printing and laser cutting
* Giveaways!

Sponsored by:

* 1upkeyboards
* Mekanisk store
* Alexatpanc and
* Originative
* ABC Coffee Club
* FabCafe MTRL
* and more! (will be adding sponsors as we will be getting packages, etc)

If you have any further questions, please let me know!

I wish I could be there.  You are an awesome dude.  Stay on Top Clack now ya hear?? :D

/RDY for Tokyo females..


ABC Coffee looks cool, is there a promo code?


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