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[IC] Geek Hackathon - Various Keyboard Contests - Taking Suggestions

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What about a keyboard Identification contest? Either images or the real thing will be shown with the stickers and logos blocked off.

Blindfolded switch/keycap profile guessing, The first person to identify the switch, profile and keycap material of said keyboard wins.

I say for prizes cast limited edition artisans with a medal/trophy on it with a number/color correlating to their performance (1st Gold with a little #1 maybe GHATON somewhere on there)

Or how about for a bit of fun the classic "Guess the amount of X in the jar" But with switches or keycaps.

Keyboard jeopardy! Just normal jeopardy but with keyboard categories. (Contestant "I'll take ALPS for 300" Host:"What type of switch is found in a dell at101?"

Just some stupid ideas I had :(

Scavenger hunt for boards/artisans. A couple of us can compile a quick list once there are a fair number set up and print it out. Completed form gets a raffle entry into some giveaway

I'd be interested in sponsoring another hand-wire race. I think that went over well the last time it was on a stream; would be cool to do it live, assuming the facilities permits that kinda thing.

Dress up with qwerty, dvorak and colemak rounds.  Workman layout for a tie breaker.

You could reduce the time for each of the rounds by partially populating the boards before the start.

I have a g710+ and some miami taihao keycaps that I don't need


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