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Which Sets Do YOU Most Desire to See a Rerun Of?

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So, the idea for this thread is simple, but each of us have probably felt it before. Sometimes keysets only run once, and we missed our opportunity to grab them. Sometimes we get fortunate that an R2, R3, ... RX is done so we get our chance to buy.

My question to you is, which keycaps set or sets do you most want to see run again so that you can get a chance to purchase?

I'll start us off.

* Skidata+ with orange mods - This set is as close to perfection as there is in my eyes as far as sets that have been run.
* Troubled Minds - I love this colorway, but I saw a Massdrop conversation that alluded to the thought of running with GMK. I'd be sold there.

Hack'd and Calm Depths. I know that there's an IC for the latter but still

Pulse just so I can get Zambloos and Numpad
Honestly, Pulse GMK would give me an erection!

Both recent Penumbra buys were WAY too small!

Skidata+ I totally agree with.

Modern Selectric

BSP cyrillic



That is all.

Calm depths
DSA retro burgundy
Skidata+ (agree it is the best set ever made)
Modern selectric


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