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--- Quote from: Puddsy on Sun, 25 June 2017, 23:44:41 ---no pics of my filcos rip

--- End quote ---

There *might* be by now - quite a few photos were added over time (I hope some of your board made it in!) - I only brought my macro lens this time around, I figured enough other people would be taking pics of boards.


Where is the --Babes of Geekhack-- Secret fotos section ..

/asking for a friend..

Looks awesome, wish I could have made it!

I think there were enough artisans to fill all the keyboards present haha :p

It was an amazing time, and the photos came out excellent!

This was such an awesome event. Thanks to everyone that made it possible. My friend and I had an amazing time.

And thanks to whoever took a picture of my Gherkin! It looks wonderful.


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