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I've never been to Chicago. Put me down as maybe and I'll try to confirm I can travel then.


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--- Quote from: Joey Quinn on Mon, 12 January 2015, 15:11:29 ---My house could be used as a gathering place for the northerners.

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I might take you up on this.  Only 30 minutes north?  My other option is Racine, which isn't much further, so if others need to stay with you for legitimate reasons I don't want to take those spots.

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Yeah I'm about 30min north, roughly 20mi depending on where in Chicago this happens. 1-2 people is about the max I could have over (if people need a place to crash) unless someone wants to sleep on a couch. If people want to carpool down there is plenty of parking by my house and enough room to gather. I'll figure out more details as this gets closer, anyone who expresses interest I'll add to a list then pm when the date approaches.

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--- Quote from: CPTBadAss on Wed, 14 January 2015, 11:46:41 ---Dibs on a spot Joey Quinn, if you don't mind :). I can couch if necessary.

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Oh, I forgot that this might be multiple days.  I'd rather not drive all the way back to Racine every day, so depending on how the schedule plays out I might want somewhere closer to crash.  But again, my situation isn't as bad as some, so I don't mean to displace anyone.

--- Quote from: nuclearsandwich on Wed, 14 January 2015, 11:50:14 ---I've never been to Chicago. Put me down as maybe and I'll try to confirm I can travel then.

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While finding that image, I happened upon this one:

 :-[  Good thing this is in IL, huh

I mayyyyy be able to make this as I will most likely be about 20 miles southwest of Chicago on that day.  ;D

I'm gonna try my hardest to be there. Put me down as a maybe. I know I have a place to stay, just don't know how I'm going to get there yet.

I understand the need / desire to put yourself down as a maybe.  The event is a ways out and there are always uncertainties in life.

It is going to be challenging to choose a venue if I have 10 yeses and 30 maybes.

If you did or are planning on signing up as maybe, please do your best to solidify that to a yes or a no ASAP.



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