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What video games are you currently playing?

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--- Quote from: davkol on Tue, 03 January 2017, 16:34:47 ---AoE2HD is NOT developed by the original Ensemble Studios staff.

Instead, devs of the Forgotten mod were hired to work on the Forgotten Empires expansion, while trying to maintain basically a fork. The HD edition has been a lackluster, though, with new bugs, multiplayer lag/sync problems etc.

I'm still entirely convinced, that the original AoE2 (that you can buy in a box on Amazon) with community patches and Voobly multiplayer client is a much better game to this day. I've bought the HD only for new campaigns.

--- End quote ---

You're ruining my fun.

Voobly and HD each have their pros and cons it would seem.

Was playing Pokemon Moon, but then TitanFall 2 went on sale and figured I'd give it a shot.  Pretty addicting so far.  Also log in to Runescape almost daily, but just to check on stuff.  More of a cycle for that game.  Some months its addicting, and others its bleh.

EVE Online - my friends got me hooked again. I spend so many hours in that game it's not even funny. I almost neglect the wife.


--- Quote from: Altis on Tue, 03 January 2017, 21:39:09 ---Voobly and HD each have their pros and cons it would seem.

--- End quote ---
Actually, I haven't had much time for AoE2 since African Kingdoms came out. Before that, the HD edition had been terrible, and add my dislike for Steam and poor performance in Wine back then. However, I hear, that Wine support has improved and Voobly now works with HD, thus even if you get the modern Steam release, you aren't stuck with its ****ty multiplayer. I believe pros still play the original boxed version though, and I find it much better too. In part thanks to content like Age of Chivalry: Hegemony.

Been running through this again (apparently Nier Automata has ties). May not be the best when it comes to actual execution (720P  :rolleyes: ) but I need more of it dark satiric quirks. Still not gonna beat it though. F*ck dat end bossfight!!!  >:D


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