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[IC] kostka - A 1x1 Artisan Case (Update 7/1/22 - GB IS LIVE!!!)

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kostka - A 1x1 Artisan Case
(All pictures shown are prototypes, not renders)


CURRENT STATUS: Interest Check Phase

Hello everyone! We are excited to finally share the kostka - A 1x1 Artisan Case.
Having cut back to a smaller artisan collection, we wanted to create a way to still display our artisans
 while also not getting the urge to "fill up an entire box". 

- 6061 Anodized Aluminum
- Available in 3 Colours (Silver, Grey, Black)
- Holds a single artisan keycap (max height of 16.8mm)
- 30 degree viewing angle
- 3mm laser-cut acrylic lid
- $25USD $35 USD + Shipping (approx $10 for US/Canada via UPS - ships from Canada)

*After collecting some initial feedback, the biggest comment was in regards to the cost.
After speaking with our manufacture further as well as sorting out some cheaper packaging, we were able to lower the price to $25*

We've already undergone a second revision of the design outside of a formal IC
to ensure the product was as close to being finalized as possible before looking for additional feedback.
However, we are still open to making minor adjustments if necessary.

As shown in the photo below, the Silver and Black kostka's were the initial design, with the grey being the v2 design.

Change log to v1:
- Added cutout at top rear for easy removal of lid
- Increased angle from 20deg to 30deg for better view of keycap
- Added chamfer to inside lid lip due to milling issues
- Added 0.5mm around inner bottom lip for less negative space around keycap

- Gather feedback on colour, finish options & International interest ✅
- Make any minor adjustments to design (subject to feedback) ✅
- Set up website for GB (the GB sale will be hosted and fulfilled by us) ✅
- Launch GB (est. GB in July 2022) ✅

- We will be running with the standard anodized finish (matte finish won't be offered in this round).
- International interest was minimal so we will be keeping the GB within US/Canada - proxies are welcome
- A small increase in the chamfer on the lip holding the lid will be made for improved milling quality
- GB is set to launch July 1st and run until July 14th (can be extended at our discretion)

Thanks for looking and thank you in advance for any and all feedback! Please feel free to fill out the IC form and drop in to say hello in our Discord :)


Group Buy Details:

- Where: - LIVE NOW!

- When: July 1st-14th (may be extended to the end of July at our discretion)

- Estimated Delivery: August/September 2022

- Price: $25 USD + Shipping (approx $10 for NA via UPS - International will require Proxy)

- MOQ: No MOQ but sale is capped at 100 units


- Daymon (RustyPanda#0226) & Shay (Shay#2468)

My keycaps will get claustrophobic in this

Is this an artisan storage or show case?

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--- Quote from: Alejo1707 on Fri, 10 June 2022, 17:28:46 ---Is this an artisan storage or show case?

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--- End quote ---

I'd say both. I personally use it as artisan storage, but could also be a great way to showcase your "grail" artisan

This projects confirms all my presumptions about resinheads.


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