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Heist Morty:


Kuro's prototype, with nav top, mirror ss base, and brass grill

Dede's prototype, with nav top, mirror ss base, and ss grill

Jake's prototype, with knob top, Alu base, and brass grill

40rmie KLE including potential Winkeyless option

"The 40rmie came about as my own love letter to a few of my favorite boards in the 40% scene (including the Equinox, V4N4G0N, and Field Trip). What I’ve always enjoyed about 40s was the wide variety of boards available, and from that I wanted to combine what I really enjoyed - a gasket pcb mount keyboard with a 13u ‘big mod’ main cluster, a half numrow, and arrow, fn, and nav cluster. This gives you a little bit of everything that you may want or need with easy functionality, but with a comfortable 40s main cluster.

The board had its initial group buy with an acrylic case designed and made by Jake at P3D in September 2021. While I had made the layout for my own preferences, I ended up being shocked by how popular the board ended up being during the original group buy. After the huge amount of love we got for this board, I wanted to approach my real dream of making my ideal 40% keyboard - a metal case."

-Kuro, designer of the 40rmie pcb and layout.

I was happy to be able to bring this dream to life, making the case compatible with the original pcb and mounting method, while radically redesigning the case from stacked acrylic to a 2 piece cnc'd design, with a cherry front lip, lightly chamfered edges, seamless design, and the same 4 degree typing angle.

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Proto Specs/Features

* pcb gasket mount
* 4° typing angle
* Aluminum top housing
* Stainless steel bottom housing
* QMK and VIAL-compatible PCB
* Weight built: 6 lbs 6 oz

Kit contents
not including add ons

* 40rmie PCB
* cnc machined top case
* cnc machined bottom case
* 6x gasket strips
* 4x custom p3d feet
* 4x m1.6 3mm hex screws (grill badge)
* 8x m3 8mm hex screws (case)

Interest check form

Thanks to

Kuro, Jake, and Factory, for getting me involved in this project.
We have a Signature now, thanks to Kuro!

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wow big keyboard


i'm a huge knob



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