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icp is a compact 1800 layout keyboard.
I have a talent for naming things. As such, the extremely creative name I've come up with follows the nomenclature of TX-CP, hbcp, and BOK.CP.
I would eventually like to run a group buy for this project, so I am using this post to gauge interest.
IC form:

Layout: Compact 1800 (all layout options to be included will be in an image below)
Typing Angle: 5 degrees
Mounting: Top mount
Case materials: 6063 aluminum top/bottom, brass weight
Plate: 5052 aluminum full plate by default, would like to offer PC plates as well
PCB: 1.6mm, solder only, using C3 Unified Daughterboard, QMK/VIA
Front height(s): ~18.2mm, ~18.9mm, ~22.1mm ("unadjusted", "adjusted", and EKH. Everyone likes to use different numbers so take your pick.)

Layout Options
The below layout options will be supported:

Prototype Photos

Possible Buy Details
A group buy for this is quite a ways out, so these details are subject to change.
  - Pricing: ~$575 (Final price could be higher or could be lower by the time the buy happens. I'll update pricing once I have final quotes closer to the time of gb)
  - Number of units: 20
  - Color options: Anodized silver and anodized black, 10 of each
  - No estimated group buy date since I'll be prototyping until I have the design dialed in to where I want it, and I'm not sure exactly how long that will take.

Project Progress/Planning
Prototype 1 - built, identified change areas
Rev2 of the PCB ready to be proto'd
  - I want to have a clock on the oled, so I've added a coin cell battery holder
  - Ribbon cable to connect to oled daughterbaord instead of JST
  - oled daughterboard work mostly complete. I have the 3D file in hand, currently checking for any necessary adjustments.
  - rev2 protos will be ordered once the oled db is finished
[Post IC and gather feedback]
Complete firmware - Main portion of the firmware already completed
  - Finalize information shown on oled
  - Trying to figure out how to best display some dynamic info. Currently looking at this: qmk-hid-display
  - Simple battery level indicator once I have rev2 PCB in
Prototype 2 - Will be ordered once some design details are finalized. Targetting end of July/beginning of August to place that order. Gonna get it in black since that's the second color I'd like to run.
  - Possible switch to SKUF from SJ5302 bumpons

IC form:

Thanks for any feedback and/or support for this project.




came in expecting an insane clown posse inspired board. MMFWCL!



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