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[IC] S7.7 V2 Hotswap ISO Macropad | Pre-order Live


S7.7 V2
Hi y'all, It's Monke.

This is S7.7 v2 from 山亩Sam.
See 25 more awesome photos HERE
 - 6063 Aluminum Top Case
 - Brass Bottom Case (Coated)
 - Brass Plate (Coated)
 - Hotswap PCB with Per-key RGB (QMK/VIA support)
 - 8 Degrees Typing Angle
 - ISO Enter
 - Foam (Use if you want)

 - Silver, Black, Gray, Smoky Navy, Dark Green, E-white

What's Included:
 - S7.7 v2
 - Plate Foam
 - Rubber Bumpons
 - Hardshell Carrying Case (Dust, Water, Shock Proof)
 - Monke's Love

 - Anod: $119
 - E-white: $129
 ***Price will increase by $10 after pre-order period***

 - Total of 200 units

Status: Shipping to US on a boat
Notice: As I didn't have an enormous amount of money, quantities are somewhat limited per color. Sorry. (Will close pre-order if sold out)

Pre-order Time: July 16 - August 16
Delivery: 1 Week After Pre-order (woo-hoo)
Vendor: Monke WorksJoin my discord to receive regular updates
If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or hmu in discord

p.s. It's my first post so let me know if there's anything wrong or possible improvements :)

deleted, learned some lore


--- Quote from: ankit-sachdeva on Fri, 01 July 2022, 04:12:04 ---Price is a yeeeesh especially considering quantity. I take this back after seeing case and chonky weight.
Basically in-stock is cool.
Thanks for including your love.
Very cute. GLWIC.

--- End quote ---

Monke's love for everyone (^з^) Thanks

yo this is sick! finally i have a place to put my iso enters  :p definitely interested.

thanks for running this!


  Would be perfecto if there was an option to replace the rightmost 1u with a rotary.  Not even sure exactly what I'd do with this, but I've wanted a macropad that could use my ISO enter novelties for a while. 


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