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I have a big HDD, and I use Boot Camp (Apple's utility that you were thinking of) to duel-boot OS X and XP (we call XP "the nasty" around here) and I have tried VMWare and Parallels, and Parallels seems a little better.

I'd like to learn Linux, and I'd like to learn more about the nasty, but it is hard since Apple is all I have ever known.

Thanks a lot for all the help, guys.

I thought you got rid of the nasty??

I did, but my friend told me Microsoft, since I registered the product, should hook me up w/ my number. Another problem with this is Boot Camp - The beta we all were using is now expired, so I really can't do anything until I get Leopard.

I could put XP in a VM, but all I use it for is gaming and VMs don't allow you to play, so yes, that nasty will gather dust for a bit yet.

Right now, at this second, I have only OS X on my MacBook, as I recently wiped my HDD. Sorry for the confusion.


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