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Ubuntu (and OS X?) killing hard drives (or maybe not)

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--- Quote from: Whiskey in the Jar-o ---Good idea! What do you do with the original parts? Does it not work out a fair bit more expensive that way?
--- End quote ---

It has always been cheaper for me (ESPECIALLY with Apple's BTO options) you have the original parts to boot.  

I either give them away, put them in other computers I own, or sell them on Ebay.  But if the item I replaced is not "user serviceable", I will keep it around to swap back if I need to bring the system in for warranty repair.

Mine was cheaper, and I did what iMav did. I bought my MacBook off the shelf and added 2x1 GB RAM sticks and a 160 GB HDD right away. I ended up saving a couple hundred.

The Apple store charges $150 for 2x1 GB RAM sticks for the MacBook, my friend bought his pair of 1 GB sticks at Best Buy last weekend for $70. He payed $80 less for five minutes work and a car ride.


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