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What's your favorite music to listen to? Or, what have you listened to lately?

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Just a general question I thought I'd post for fun. Personally, I listen to a large variety of music, with the only things I really don't like being modern US pop and Stadium Country, but lately I've been getting back into a band I haven't listened to a lot of for a little bit, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Primarily a prog rock and psychedelic rock band, they've branched out into quite a few different genres, including (but very much not limited to) thrash metal and boogie rock. Personal favorite band of mine for the mix of quality songs and variety of music to hear.

Also probably going to listen through Act II: The Father of Death by The Protomen again soon, that album is amazing.

So, what's your favorite music to listen to? Or, at least, what have you been jamming out to lately?

Classical music, because Tp boomer.


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Mon, 15 February 2021, 12:10:10 ---Classical music, because Tp boomer.

--- End quote ---

Hey, nothing wrong with classical. And classical music doesn't make you a boomer, if anything it makes you older, as most boomers would've grown up with jazz and early rock and roll.

But seriously, classical is great! Not a genre I listen to a whole lot, as I got a bit burnt out on it when I was in school due to being in band for 8 years or so, which on one hand was a great experience, but on the other lead to me not wanting to hear some classical arrangements to this day. You would not believe the amount of people who think they're being original by blasting the opening notes to Beethoven's 5th over and over again for their "warm up" on their instruments.

Newest albums I've picked up are the White Stripes Greatest Hits, Ohms by Deftones and Tool's Fear Inoculum.

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Lately lots of Soilwork and a little Dark Tranquility.
Recently re-discovered Soilwork after not having listened to them since Stabbing the Drama.
Whoo boy have they done some neat stuff since. :D


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