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Dremel Cherry MX Keycap Stem Recessor / Grinder Attachment

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I made this recently, a simple idea, works quite well:

Opens up a lot of options with cheap keycaps, for example my main issue with ANSI US layout is mispressing Enter while going for "' - maybe either keeping Enter real high or drilling it down to the lowest point possible could be a solution for me. So as an idea, you can not just imitate regular row profiles, but go for 3D/grooved sculptures as well

I think the best use case is just drilling down every cheap SA keycap by 5-6mm

Is interesting but it would be nice to see it in action or how does it works. I imagine it but not completely.

No issues with housing collision?

Best to measure the inner keycap length and travel, make sure the reduction is less than the difference, even if you go higher than this, you kind of end up inserting the keycap in an in-between state, it both touches the bottom and the enclosure on the bottom out

For linears it could be interesting clapping onto the enclosure instead of the barrel bottom if all the keycaps have the same inner structure that will allow that uniformly. But obviously it's a unique challenge inserting keycaps onto the switches, you'd need a hot swap keyboard and open up each switch to push the stem manually

Edit: Can't wrap my head around stabiliser dynamics in this scenario though, probably Cherry stabs won't work if the stem remaining is less than 4mm - which is the length of the switch stem's inserting part

This is 2.45mm on XDA, one side has been grinded a bit, doesn't touch when pushed to full flex, the other side of the keycap is bare, can touch when pushed to full flex, this is for box keycaps

2.2mm could be a safe limit for all keycaps without any modifications, could push 3.25mm by carefully grinding the inner keycap and with box keycaps, the original Cherry MX design has a slightly more cornered footprint that requires more grinding

Currently thinking of:
Standard (0.5mm) (f-row)
Standard (0.5mm) (number row)
1.75mm (tab row)
3mm (caps lock row)
2mm (shift row)
3.25mm (bottom row)


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