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Ergo pro + clamp on camera mounts == win!

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--- Quote from: jacobolus on Fri, 15 January 2016, 16:59:10 ---Gerk: have you tried tenting the two sides a bit? With the way you have them now, your wrists are still going to be pronated almost to their limit. Even a little bit of tenting relieves quite a bit of strain from several tendons, giving your fingers improved strength and flexibility and making it easier to find a neutral posture for your back/shoulders/upper arms while still typing comfortably.

My own preference is to have a tent angle of something like 35–50°, but lots of folks think that’s too “weird” and prefer about a 15° tent angle (usually the max for commercial products), while others go all the way to 80°.

A question: what’s the range of configuration of the ErgoPro halves on these particular mounts? Would you mind taking a few pictures of them tilted various directions? Thanks!

--- End quote ---

Yep I've tried a bunch of different angles and for a pure typing environment I would have it splayed more, but for this usage I spent more time doing hunt and peck or hotkey combos on it than I do in the way of touch typing. 

Did a few pics, they have a pretty wide range.  The inner section can spin around to put the adjustor on either side (see last two pics) so they are pretty versatile.  Super happy with them for my needs!  Very solid too, I suspect they will last a long time if you take care of them (i.e don't overcrank the adjustors).

This is awesome! I love the idea of the clamps, and that touch-screen looks great. It is good for RSI you have found?


This has gotta be the coolest thing I've ever seen...   :thumb:

wow..   :thumb:
that nice work Gerk..

I might be missing something in the Amazon listing, or in your description - did you fab a little piece to actually attach to the back of the keyboard, then to the clamp, or was that included? I really like it, and am getting some inspiration to do something like that myself now... very, very cool


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