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concur. this is disappointing. should have had a proper IC on this one

What's wrong with them? Feedback welcome :D

No stepped caps lock in Cyan's?

i would like to have seen some of the mods from the cyan keyset included, as those keys are not available anywhere else (that i know of). For example, F5-F8, menu keys, and numpad operators. I also may have requested R4 1u Fn key, maybe LED keys for Caps/Scroll/Num Lock keys. of course, you could not do all these in addition to what is already shown, but at least let the community be involved in deciding these details.

I know this is probably picky but I would have loved to see a dedicated R3 Control. I know the blank one basically acts like it but for the mod pack I feel like it should be in there. Also, the HHKB backspace should be in there! Hope this is some helpful feedback ^_^

I will still buy it though ;)


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