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Is it possible to change the spring in the Matias Quiet switch to make it a little lighter? What spring do I need for that?

Sprit ran an interest check for Alps/Matias springs a while back but it went nowhere. No one makes Alps springs for the public right now AFAIK.

Your best bet is to get some Matias linear switches (which are very light) and swap them in.

In case you're wondering, MX springs cannot fit in Alps switches. They are too wide.

EDIT: I'm assuming you're talking about Matias Quiet Click. If you're talking about Quiet linear switches, I have no idea how to help because I don't know of any lighter springs than the ones found in those.

Matias quiet click and quiet linear share the same spring, and they are both lighter than the quiet click spring.

So, unfortunately, there really isn't currently an option to go lighter with either of the quiet Matias switches. You CAN swap one of the quiet switch springs to the clicky switch to lighten it, though.

If you want kind of a nice middle ground between quiet and clicky, you can swap a quiet slider and spring into a clicky switch. That way your up and down stroke are dampened, you have the light spring, and you still get the click of the leaf against the housing.

I believe the difference in spring between the click and quiet click is due to the leaf in the quiet click providing more resistence, therefore they used a lighter spring to make it feel closer to the clicky switch.

I would definitely be on board for a group buy or some other source for lighter springs, as I prefer switches in general with 45-50g actuation points.

Can I have an exact specification of the Alps springs?
Well I can surf on almost every China trading platform, there should be some springs that fits, there has to be. If I have the number I can start a search much easier  :thumb:

Not sure if relevant, but, when my QuietPro arrived some of the little rubber bumpers inside the switches were misaligned, making those switches a tiny bit sticky. Initially this made me think the whole keyboard was too heavily weighted until I figured out what was going on. NB I got it used, not brand new, so who knows what was done to it before I got it?

Recently I swapped QuietClick springs into my Click switches, but now I'm thinking they're too light and plan on swapping them back. I think what I'd like in the Click switches is a coil spring with a higher spring-rate, like MX-Clears, which ramps up the resistance faster per mm of compression.


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