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Definitive Omron Switch Guide for Mice

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I know. I just wanted to say that it wasn't as bad for me as you write.

--- Quote ---When I put them in my G900 the right click became inconsistent within a month or two and got progressively worse from there.

--- End quote ---

does anyone know what means "NH" in name of this switch -  D2FC-FL-NH?

It should have a flat metal lever to activate the button.

I know I'll eventually swap out my switches in my GPxSL, but I'll need to start having issues with it first - been an amazing mouse and worth the money over-all.  Also want to wait since I swapped from PTFE to glass skates on my mouse as well - don't feel like taking the chance on breaking them if the switches are fine.

These switches are not like mechanical keyboard switches, there's not really much in terms of options.

Just buy a direct replacement, yours are dead.
And the more you run that benchmark the faster they will die.


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